Subsidiaries / Divisions

Expertise at the Highest Level

Marketing & sales: Our employees in Biebesheim and Stuttgart are standing by to help you solve all your disposal and remediation problems. They know the waste management problems of a variety of industries as well as the available disposal options. In order to meet specific requirements, they cooperate with the specialised HIM divisions and subsidiaries.

Since 1989, HIM has been responsible for the remediation of commercial contaminated sites on behalf of the State of Hesse where those responsible for remediation cannot be held liable or made accountable for the cleanup in a timely manner. Know-how acquired over the course of many contaminated site cleanup projects is available to the „Mineral Bulk Materials / Remediation of Contaminated Sites“ customer support team and other HIM divisions and subsidiaries.

G.V.S. (Gesellschaft für Verwertung von Sonderabfällen GmbH & Co. KG) operates a tank farm for liquid wastes in the port of Mannheim-Rheinau. HIM and SMT, Heßheim each hold 50% of the shares in this company. HIM uses the tank farm as a buffer for liquid waste storage.